Supernova 2008if in MCG -1-24-10

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2008if in MCG -1-24-10.   Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.  Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages.

image Discovered by CHASE (Chili).   Most CHASE supernovae are very southern, this one is only at -7 degrees, making it accessable to most of us. This one is a type II.   We have a DSS Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal.  Icon generated from K. Itagaki's confirmation image.   This supernova is in the Constellation Hydra.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "Image Credit" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!
Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
CHASE 2008/12/12.2114.9CDiscovery
K. Itagaki 2008/12/16.69816.0CConfirmation
William Wells 2008/12/17.61615.7V
Stan Howerton 2008/12/17.75015.6V
Stan Howerton 2008/12/21.70415.7V
JM Llapasset 2008/12/22.17515.6CR
JM Llapasset 2008/12/22.20715.7R
Pepe Manteca 2008/12/22.208C
Pepe Manteca 2008/12/24.191C
JM Llapasset 2008/12/24.20615.7CR
Manuel Diaz 2008/12/26.09815.73R
Faustino García 2009/01/09.99115.93CR mirror

If you have observations of this Supernova, please send them to SNWeb. Use this data query to see what information has been reported so far.
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